The Fenty Beauty campaign is heavily reliant on digital marketing, with both the website and social media as platforms, which shows just how influential these channels can be. Mintel Blog. Posted 3 years ago ", "I have no hesitation in recommending them. @NERDarmy. Fenty Beauty products are sold in 17 different countries and can only be purchased in 2 main department stores: Sephora outside of the UK and Harvey Nichols within the UK. #STUNNABITCH. Students can find additional information in the Undergraduate Student Guide and Graduate & Professional Student Guide. Rihanna used Instagram to react and comment back. The common denominator for all of these brands was that each were leveraging influencers successfully and received the most buzz from this Voice. PACT Salon: Desire Lines is a show that will leave theatre buffs in a mind bang! In fact, studies have shown that crafting compelling content has a more positive effect on sales compared to influencers reviewing products. Measure your performance and benchmark brand initiatives against industry standards. Measure, optimize and connect with the industry’s first Brand Performance Cloud for fashion, luxury and beauty executives. A semi-annual analysis of the Media Impact Value™ of 100 global brands. It has become a very powerful tool in the world of social media; influencers are described as people who build a large network of followers, regarded as trusted tastemakers in one or several niches. Visit Back2BU for the latest updates and information on BU's response to COVID-19. They approach projects with a different perspective.They are really willing to learn about the business needs and what our objectives are. Fenty took to the explosion of Social Media as a news source for many, using online messaging to create more dialogue based communications with their key stakeholders( Gregory, 2014). The history of beauty campaigns have been frequently and tragically littered with images of ‘ the ideal woman’, which for many consumers defined what was ‘beautiful’. Cookies are effective tools for location specific sales and knowing the most demanded products by scale and location, it helps to spot trends to identify future trends to make the brand more competitive. ( 2015) Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns: A strategic approach. It even slowed rival SnapChat’s growth by 82%. It generated a lot of earned media value, about $45 million for the brand, from this channel alone. One could argue that other brands have sported this wide range of foundation tints, and you could likely find comparable products even within the same Sephora. on Monday, December 4th, 2017. From video tutorials with Rihanna herself, to the #rihgram (re-sharing) of user generated content, this beauty brand engages its community across various channels, offering a 360-degree digital experience to its users. Rihanna also uses her personal Instagram, using her posts to drive consumers to the Fenty page or website. This is clearly reflected in Rihanna’s Instagram-the influencers are from all over the world with their own diverse followers. At $15.7 million, it received more MIV from traditional media than any other brand in this benchmark; three times more than Nars which was second on the list for strongest media MIV. Instagram Stories was introduced in 2016, and proved very successful. The brand worked hard to overcome their immediate stockout, made the product as accessible as possible (including fairly reasonable prices), and has worked hard to meet demand. I'm honored and I have to send love to everyone who's supported this brand in the 2months that we've been here! Yet over the past few years these campaigns seemed to have redeemed themselves. The aim of Fenty Beauty is to increase diversity within the cosmetics industry, and it did so by claiming to meet the needs of 98% of all skin tones in the UK. While. Online Reputation Management: What Your Business Needs... © Copyright 2019 - Alvomedia | All Rights Reserved . On the 8th September 2017, world renowned Rihanna launched her first beauty line: Fenty Beauty, which turned into one of the most successful social media launches to date. Using Influencers Unlike many beauty companies that dedicate millions of dollars to advertising a new product launch, Rihanna took a different approach and involved the very people who inspired Fenty Beauty. Instead of opting for a 100% promotional front for her social media, her marketing includes her charm and vernacular. Mintel's global public relations team is pleased to provide accredited journalists with access to our research, arrange interviews with our expert analysts and share the latest insights. Email Fenty Beauty + Fenty Skin Customer Service ( call 1-855-440-7474.Operating hours are from 7am – 2am EST, 7 days a week, excluding holidays. Higher number of followers creates the perception of likability, and therefore, popularity. All Rights Reserved. A study explains that breadcrumb navigation reduces disorientation in website structures and reduces errors in search. That’s where Rihanna hits the nail on the head. (2018). Therefore, it is no surprise that Rihanna incorporated influencer marketing and of course, she has celebrity status herself. GLAM4GOOD Drives Social Change through Fashion & Beauty #BBMoment: How Anastasia Beverly Hills Became the Authority on ‘Instagram Makeup’ It’s a brand with pure intentions and a distinctly positive message and effect. Rihanna has been clever in tapping into this meme craze herself, to entertain her audience. With this amount of social following, Fenty related YouTube videos have high visibility. Rihanna promotes Fenty Beauty directly, modeling the makeup, speaking about the makeup, and posting about Fenty from her own social media channels. Login. Sephora as a stakeholder aligned with Fenty through their key principle that “beauty is in our DNA” ( Sephora, 2018). “And Rihanna presents herself as a woman who has evolved past branding in the pejorative sense in the world. The brand “tapped into a palpable void in the market for more inclusivity in commercially sold beauty products” (Muller,W Magazine, 2017), truly adhering to their emboldened message, ‘Beauty For All’ ( Fenty Beauty, 2018). Here are three ways to customize social media marketing strategies for your business as Rihanna has: One of the key components to Rihanna’s success with her new beauty line, Fenty Beauty, is her ability to pay attention to the conversations happening on the internet, learn from them and then create products or content people want to see. #STUNNA Lip Paint drops 11/23. What Rihanna realized is that social media isn’t just a platform for putting content out and receiving feedback; it’s a tool that should be used to understand what consumers are asking for. Rihanna is a beloved, trusted figure: she’s never had a bad album, and her fashion line FENTY x PUMA is highly respected in the fashion world. @TIME mag named @fentybeauty one of the 25 best inventions of 2017! Highlight for Hire is a hypothetical collaborative public relations event campaign that I created between Fenty Beauty and Dress for Success. – 2SER’S EVENT GUIDE 17/3/2018, THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY EVENTS YOU NEED TO BE AT!- 2SER’S EVENT GUIDE 10/3/2018. For my PR studies I was required to write up a lil’ piece on a campaign that caught my attention, relating it to some PR literature ( it’s some cool stuff I swear). — @nymatang is looking RADIANT in #PROFILTR foundation in 490. This gives the impression that the product range is exclusive. Sephora aided Fenty in strategic marketing applications dedicating 350 people to their digital and engineering staff for messaging and maximising traffic of the brand, online. However, of all these launches tribute must whole-heartily be given to Fenty Beauty, created by celebrity artist Rihanna, for characterising her brand predominately off inclusivity and diversity as account supervisor from PRLab, Julia Dakhilia confirms. The skin shades with albinism in mind has proven to be a success with women who found it difficult to match their fair skin with high street brand foundations. The music star gives a master class in how to use social media to connect with fans (consumers) and elevate a brand. 💋💋💋 @fentybeauty How Fenty Beauty Is Winning the Media Impact Race. Loreal Paris are the market leaders of the cosmetics industry and have been deemed to have a market share of 13.7%, which makes it the most valuable organisation within the industry. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. It is considerably cheaper compared to designer brands, however high street stores in the UK sell foundations at even cheaper prices, such as Rimmel London’s £8.99 foundation.

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