Thats a bit too much imho. Map completion is being tied to events in the map. The final plate unlocks the final treasure room with Hammer’s Hoard POI which can be done once per day (the final plate was green for me but could change daily). LOL Map completed. Forgive me for not understanding, but why not just do one event today, then one event tomorrow, or something along those lines? I'm fine (though not entirely happy about) a POI being locked behind a twice hourly race or an event that happens a few times per hour. Typo on Nile’s achievement: You’re missing the 4th note, which is 4. Pretty simple achievement. What if a new player in half a year or a year wants to do it? Guild Wars 2. GW2 All or Nothing story and Thunderhead Peaks Map Achievements Guide. It can happen that Aurene will kill your veteran at wrong crystal then you want. If you don't want to do the events, the items that give you map completion are tradeable on the tp. What requires you to get that POI right now? Cool, at least now I have an idea of where to look. @sokeenoppa.5384 said: For this achievement you need to use the veteran Branded to charge them, which doesn’t drop a Brand Shard. They pop up when you are blasting the resonance crystals too so you gotta wait for them before using the crystal or you are locked in place. ..... only to discover it's locked behind two events, and meta events at that. The easiest solution is to move the POI outside of the gate into the atrium and leave the achievement as it's own thing. this could mean you have to run the same character through the meta multiple times on multiple days trying to roll entrance to the POI. It was killing me that I couldn’t figure out how to get into the room, it hadn’t occurred to me to dismount and get as close to the door as possible. Next to Canach. You can complete World Explore in one heartbeat. This event completes very fast and since you need to clean up 250 oil spills be prepared to do this meta event many many times.When the event pops up, run to the Oil Reclamation Pump and interact with it to get a special action key that allow you to clean up the oil spill nearby. Select the first option in every dialogue window and get him up to 10 stacks of Hype. Is that how you acquire the Dwarven Plates, it's a part of a meta? @Razor.9872 said: @Aeon.4583 said: If you are feeling generous, you can donate to here. This should not be the case at all. Gather dwarven plates from all the rooms in the Dwarven Catacombs. You can buy the plate items off TP for accessing the POI, pretty sure that's all you need unless I missed something. Starts from History’s End Waypoint. I F’ing HATE Aurene. An interesting JP? GW2 All or Nothing story and Thunderhead Peaks Map Achievements Guide. You need to jump into it from high above on your beetle mount and it appears you can’t stop along the way (i.e. Forgive me for not understanding, but why not just do one event today, then one event tomorrow, or something along those lines? The Thunderhead Keep meta event occurs every 2 hours at xx:45 in the Thunderhead Keep area in the NE corner of the map, alternating with The Oil Floes meta event. So they make a map that requires meta events completed for full map completion just like Dragon's Stand huhuhu. You can acquire the Deldrimor Plate components from the meta events once per day. Normal minions will drop shards wich you can pick up and throw under the crystals to charge them up. Where the mines barrel is at first. I've seen the completed ones going for 18g last night. Pierce four or more branded with a single use of the Dragonsblood spear. From History's End Waypoint — , go to the Dwarven Catacombs at east.At the room with the gates, just climb up the stairs all the way, it will end in a passage with some barrels at Brechnar's Gauntlet point of interest. Does Dragon Stand rings anyone bell? They belong to Bangar now. Don't buy it now, the bottom part is like 6-7g on buy. She keeps mobs in range of the crystal and kills them and I can’t seem to get the mobs off her and on me away from the crystals. My question is: why did I not get a map completion reward? This achievement is part of the second event in the meta chain where you need to clean up the oil spills near the oil drills. 70-80. This will likely take many tries as it won’t count fish inside the basket unless it is perfectly centered in the basket. For this achievement you need to find 24 Dwarven Chests. is this an hidden achiv? This achievement is related to an event in Deldrimor ruins. There is a rift event that spawns in Deldrimor Ruins just SW of History’s End Waypoint every hour on the hour. Life is what YOU make it... NOT what others tell you! And the fact that you cant park a mesmer there to help others (friends, guildies etc.) (I had at least three bubbles in the middle area when I tried it and no one else around) If you stand between the basket and the upper right fish bait (right about where the T is in the upper right Tuna Bait area and show the bait there, two fish will jump out. The correct pattern for each zephyrite is noted below. I really enjoy the new map but that one POI means I'm way less thrilled or interested in doing map completion on my characters. how to they get poi's locked behind content like that.

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