This is done by surgically sabotaging vital equipment and assassinating high ranking company officials. At an early age the twin brothers were left in the care of the monks at the Dragon Cloud Temple. Released for the short-lived UsefulNotes/AtariJaguar, and claiming to be the "''Mortal Kombat Killer''", ''Kasumi Ninja'' could not live to those standards. She earned straight A's and was accepted to Harvard Law School, where she specialized in criminal law.

The elder twin brother of the palette swapped ninja protagonists of Kasumi Ninja. Basic Information Not only was he a renowned fighter, he was also a skillful tactician, leading his tribe to certain victory time and time again.

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01: Games Media, Game ยป In this preview, Kasumi Ninja had a very heavy story element to it.

Other characters are unlocked progressively at the successful completion of each stage. Released 1994. Angus soon discovered that he loved to brawl and became obsessed with fighting.

The younger twin brother of the palette swapped ninja protagonists of Kasumi Ninja. Ratings Habaki was garbed in black, but this was changed to represent Lord Gyaku. One of the eldest ninjas, Gyaku went berserk and killed all of the other elders on Kasumi island and proclaimed himself Lord of Kasumi Island. Habaki is the eldest son (by ten minutes) of the Kiri-ga-kure family. Type(s) The game is named after the game's setting, a mystical island called Kasumi Island. * AmazonianBeauty: Thundra, who has a nation of Amazonians. Released for the short-lived UsefulNotes/AtariJaguar, and. These warriors have taken a solemn oath to protect the rainforest from modern industrialists who wish to destroy it for their own profit. {{#arraydefine:platformcount|{{#ask: PageName::Kasumi Ninja |?Platform= |mainlabel=-}}|,}} When Danja graduated from high school she was quickly offered multiple scholarships for her academic and athletic abilities. Leader of a tribe of Amazons from a hidden village. Lord Gyaku is the final boss of Kasumi Ninja. Players were represented by a guardian spirit of Kasumi Island and could only begin the game as Senzo or Habaki(who originally was represented by the Gyaku character sprite).

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[[spoiler:There is even less explanation as to how he transformed into a silly. The labyrinth exploration and key gathering concept was condensed, but the character unlocking system remained intact. These tests included wrestling, boxing, weight lifting, and the caber toss.

In single mode, the player is initially only able to choose between two characters (Habaki and Senzo).

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