That and his only having one faction were the reason for his rank. C Rank: Replaceable, don't come recommended. MIDDLE: Level 65 Anikis, Dragons. I'm new to the langrisser series. Contributing ... Langrisser is an iconic Japanese Anime Styled Strategy RPG Series originating in 1991. The req is why meditation ring is her BIS. Other Princess buffer, but doesn't carry as hard. Current design is problematic, and it's only reasonable to expect a rework of this hero. Brings a whole slew of debuffs. Before the rework of fixed damage, most bosses ignore fixed damage, so you just get 40 different flavours of "Immune." First man in the Princess faction, and combined with Shelfaniel and/or Lana can output enough AoE damage to finish a fight before enemies draw close. even the betty one already wrote on her description with a simpler wording. Many people underrate Freya Valkyrie but the fact of the matter is that she has great MDEF in this path, something you can only really replicate with Ledin who's SSR (and someone I still don't fucking have after 4 months playing this game grrr). Talent brings damage reduction and revival, which is extremely powerful. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Strongest Infantry. Talent is very simple but effective. I'm not sure what to think about a pve tier list solely for the purpose of lategame pve. Notes: Sakura wars and Yu Yu Hakusho SSR units aren't listed (no experience with them at all, even as enemies). Talent is extremely powerful, but needs high stars. It still is ok to keep the 'final' mark, but it would be nice to have sub marks for performance in the modes that you mentioned: So for example Juggler would be (at least the way I see him): Time rifts and story - 'B-'. She CAN do enough dmg to not be deadweight as well. Freya's attack damage also becomes INT-based which means she could actually counter more effectively. Thanks for translating it. Joshua is ranked B, but dude doesn't do too well in most challenge maps aside from buffing, and even with a buff Lance was placed at the bottom. Unique +1 skill range, 6-star Talent gives +30% damage. A dedicated AoE mage who lacks Luna's fixed damage, so not as effective at weakening enemies. "D" is too crap for him really. Was meant to just be a quick overview of each hero. & Facebook for news about the Mobile Game. Bright Ring has a unique cleanse and 50% regen combination. This makes it much harder to write a 'tier' list for such specific content unless you really go into the details. I’m doing this because a lot of content has come out since that one was made, as have many heroes. Thanks, very useful. Powerful skillset and Talent, but lacks effective means of self-recovery outside Chivalry. Otherwise you end up having people never really using some characters GOOD strengths the way they should be used. Most PvE maps are pretty long and when you are nerfed half the time or spending turns to self buff, then it's pretty bad. She does sucks for bosses since she can only proc her talent once in a boss fight (most of the time). Wow, interesting. Bonus damage on normal terrain and bonus defences on defensive terrain. LATE: Timeless Trials, level 70 dragons, 65 eternal temple, and comparable content. Is by FAR the best way to do a PvE tier list. On Freya, I've seen opinions all over the place on her. thank you for this! All-around useful for healing and cleansing. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Better for PVP. Me too. Burning Sun fixes any deficiencies in damage output. Am I missing something about him? Yeah, Langrisser is one of those rare gacha games where new heroes aren't really required to clear content. Tentative Tier list For S3 APEX arena (Who should you invest for the future?) 6-star Tiaris is a QoL improvement. (A lot of heroes are also going to have more similar rankings on content - Jugler is something of an outlier here). It looks like not all heroes are on the list, or maybe I overlooked some? Ranks should be given INDIVIDUALLY for the gamemode in question, and not by general concensus of all of'em. I think B and higher can do pretty much any content, though it may be significantly harder without using S+ or higher (especially Tiaris/Liana). Sturdy enough for early but not worth investing heavily in. skills allow her to grant +20% defence easily, and further improves Landius and Sigma. Magical Shock does huge damage to mages. Mostly limited to content with flying enemies. IMO a lot of lategame content depends on much more such as their factions, strategies and team compositions than just general purpose good units. After that it mixes up bit. Air Slash coupled with CD reduction on crit is excellent, has good survivability in damage. Lots of different auras. Good healer are basically a cheat code. TBH I think new players don't really need to worry about lategame content due to their limited resources at the beginning and it'll take some time to even reach here, by then they should have a good idea of what they need. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes. Pairs well with baldie and Ledin. I may go add them to the list at some point, but it is already almost 50 pages. Langrisser is a classic series of strategy-RPGs by NCS/Masaya and CareerSoft and a mobile gacha game by ZlonGame. Best coupled with Landius, recommended to slot in Meditation. Thumbs up. Lester and Leticia are the most useful of the R characters and you have them in the lowest tier.

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