And which of you is right - I just don’t careBecause I really need you bothI’ve long got used to falling asleepTo the fighting behind the wall…, Shreds of serious adult words,No longer prevent me from seeing dreamsI’ve long got used to falling asleepTo the fighting behind the wall…, Through the neighbours’ apartments, past the antennas on the roof of our 9-storey…. Cassette decks made it possible to distribute songs more easily, and bands could perform at certain public venues, such as the famous Leningrad Rock Club (Ленинградский рок-клуб) on ulitsa Rubinshteina, in the very middle of Petersburg (then Leningrad!). 1987 was a breakthrough year for "Kino". (Simple English), oʻzbekcha/ўзбекча Suspended beside me slowlyThe mirror is probably brokenBy ZiLs* or KaMaZ*By pedals and gas, Patrols didn’t noticeMet us by headlightsNight, Moscow-Leningrad*Melting iceFlying on autopilotA missed turnFree flight…, Black sky, broken starsToo late to run, but also too late to returnBlack sky, broken starsToo late to run, but also too late to return…, Temples with swollen veinsAir cut up by sirensJust the right time to get desperateBut that’s just not happening, Melting and falling downSlipping through rampsNight, Moscow-LeningradMelting iceFlying on autopilotA missed turnFree flight…. Tsoi lived a poor life, with Marianna saying that they couldn't even afford a proper wedding dress. (Russia Buriat), Чӑвашла (Estonian), hrvatski

After Kino was in the 1987 Soviet film Assa, it became very popular. (Tajik), нохчийн [6] For some time Tsoi studied at a nearby school in Frunze Street, where his mother worked.[7]. [5], Tsoi grew up in the vicinity of the Moskovsky Victory Park.

'cinema, film', IPA: ) was a Soviet rock band formed in Leningrad in 1982 and the most popular and influential Soviet band in history. Tsoi and Rybin, as members of Avtomaticheskie udovletvoriteli, went to Moscow and performed punk-rock metal at Artemy Troitsky's underground concerts. On June 21, 2012, Google commemorated Tsoi's 50th birthday with a Google Doodle reminiscent of the Tsoi Wall. ", "Александр Цой (I) (Александр Цой) - Биография и интересные факты - КиноКопилка", "Виктор Цой в 25 фактах о нем – Rock Cult", "Soviet Rock Idol Tsoi Celebrated in Google Doodle", "Leto premieres despite its director's house arrest", Red Wave: 4 Underground Bands from the USSR, Pesquisa:Mobiliza Mboi/Instrumentos/Desenvolvimento, Pesquisa:Mobiliza Mboi/Instrumentos/RedUshAll. [4] The family's Korean ancestry can be traced back to Songjin, Hamgyong, Korea (today's Kimchaek, North Korea), where Victor's great-grandfather Choi Yong-nam was born in 1893.
In autumn of the same year, the band was admitted to membership of the Leningrad Rock Club. Portraits of Viktor Tsoi are displayed today in many places around Russia, from graffiti on the fences of Saint Petersburg to an entire wall dedicated to Viktor Tsoi in a bylane of the famous Arbat Street in Moscow, where fans still gather to remember their hero. (Belarusian), беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎ Bardaktan boşalırcasına yağmur yağması.... Kikuo - 愛して愛して愛して (Aishite aishite aishite).

And when you try to look inside them - you’ll die from despair
Exhausted by long nights of recording, Tsoi fell asleep at the wheel of his car on a country road, crashing head-on into an oncoming bus. И есть чем платить, но я не хочу Победы любой ценой. (Dutch), Кыргызча Several more albums were released, their themes were once again mostly political, further fueling the band's popularity. He'd shovel some coal into the furnace, then sit around writing songs (and monitoring the furnace).

(C dobrym utrom, malyshi! Russian rappers and rap fans by maintaining a strong web and street presence, It’s empty there, man - and you, brother, are Russian! search for a “normal life” that often motivates people to leave Russia. And me? (Latin), lietuvių

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