Since there was no rain, I had the opportunity to record it. Less commonly, a downward traveling positive leader followed by an upward return stroke will lower positive charge to earth, referred to as a positive CG (or +CG). Storms which produce mostly negative CGs tend to produce CGs earlier in the storm lifecycle and produce significantly more CGs than similar storms which instead produce mostly positive CGs. Upward triggered lightning usually occurs in response to a natural lightning flash, but on rare occasions can be “self-triggered”—usually in winter storms with strong winds. Most lightning starts inside a thunderstorm and travels through the cloud. Although some critics disagreed with the video, but it reflected what Psalm 19:1-4 says. 1.Aashni (Hindi Origin) one of the female names that mean "lightning", 2.Adhira (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "divine white lightning", 3.Damini (Hindi Origin) meaning "lightning". Normal lightning also produces x-rays that can be detected at the ground. 35.Tempest (English Origin) represents a windy and violent storm, 36.Tormenta (Spanish Origin) translates to "thunderstorm", 37.Tufani (African Origin) means "stormy". Credit: Elusive red sprites, like glowing jellyfish in the night sky, photographed in Oklahoma, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. 23.Capala (Hindi Origin) one of the many names that mean "lightning", but can also translate to "swift". Why don't you shower your child with a unisex name representing rain?

It can then stay within the cloud or continue to travel through the open air and eventually to ground. There are a lot of misconceptions about heat lightning, but it’s no different than regular lightning. Meaning: # Lightning, Origin: Arabic. An illustration of different kinds of transient luminous events (TLEs) [+], Red sprite, photographed from the International Space Station.
A unique name, Reva, is a girl’s name of Hindi origin, which means ‘rain’. They posted the photo with the description, “No other Name”. If you're looking for electric names, or names that mean lightning, this one should strike your fancy. As it nears the ground, the negatively charged stepped leader causes streamer channels of positive charge to reach upward, normally from taller objects in the area, such as a tree, house, or telephone pole. Pelabo.

100 Best 4 Letter Boy Names For Your Baby, 100 Gothic Last Names With Meanings And History, 100 Badass Boy Names From Real Life And Fictional Heroes, Top 50 Kobold Names With Meanings For Your D&D Characters. 34.Stormie (English Origin) name meaning "tempest". 48.Ermir (Albania Origin) name meaning "good wind". 63.Bengy (English Origin) meaning "threatening rain", 64.Dalfon (Hebrew Origin) meaning "raindrop", 65.Iravat (Hindu Origin) a name meaning "rain clouds", 66.Zenebe (African Origin) a beautiful name meaning "raining". Search for a stormy name that represents the beauty of your son.

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