Release dates for other regions are not listed here. Now I cant even use my psp without charger and the battery was half open and it was bad quality don't watch the picture it does not come with a box. FunTurbo PSP Charger Cable, Playstation Portable Charger PSP Power Cord for Chargin... ELIATER PSP Carring Case Portable Travel Pouch Cover Zipper Bag Compatible for Sony... fosa Case Cover Replacement Full Shell Housing Set with Buttons Kit for PSP 1000/Pl... Ssgamer AC Adapter Power Charger for Sony PSP 1000 / PSP Slim and Lite 2000 / PSP 3000. The Sony (PSP) Playstation Portable) packs a powerful multimedia punch within its slim build frame. The strikethrough price is the List Price. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! You people fulfilled this order and didnt do anything remotely close to cleaning the grime and dirt and you definitely didnt test it. I took the stickedr off the back because i got tired of it sticking to my shirt and everything else. AmazonBasics Memory Card Carrying Case Holder 24 Slots for SD and Micro SD Cards, MiraBox Capture Card,USB 3.0 HDMI Game Capture Card Device With HDMI Loop-out Support HD Video HDCP 1080P Windows 7 8 10 Linux Youtube OBS Twitch for PS3 PS4 Xbox Wii U Streaming and Recording, HSV321, DIERYA DK61E 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Wired PBT Keycap Waterproof Type-C Mini Compact 61 Keys Computer Keyboard with Full Keys Programmable (Gateron Optical Brown Switch), AmazonBasics Hard Shell Travel and Storage Case for Nintendo Switch - 12 x 4.8 x 9 Inches, Black, AmazonBasics Game Storage Case for 24 Nintendo Switch Games - 3.4 x 3.4 x 1 Inches, Blue, DIERYA DK63 Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard True RGB Backlit Bluetooth 4.0 Wired LED Computer Keyboard Compatible with Multi-Device iPhone Android Mobile PC Laptop - Red Switch. Insten Battery Wall Charger Compatible With Sony PSP-110 PSP-1001 PSP 1000 / PSP Sl... fosa Replacement Full Housing Console Game Shell Case Cover Back Repair Parts for P... Insten Rechargeable Battery compatible with SONY PSP 1000 1001 High capacity 1800mA... Zopsc Replacement Full Housing Console Game Shell Case Cover Repair Parts for PSP 3... PSP 3000 Faceplate - Piano Black - SONY ORIGINAL. Release dates for other regions are not listed here. The display is perfectly fine for my needs, and I noticed no real issues with having 32MB RAM vs. 64MB in the 2000/3000. And with the wrong charger and the umd disk drive doesn't close right! It'll turn on plugged in, but it will NOT update unless I charge the battery to a certain point.

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