Butt stock, rear grip, and fore grip is stylized on wood made of plastic. Full metal body with 1:1 scale and weight. Removing and placing the metal magazine can be a little tight, but with some force it fits fine. Just like the authentic Chicago Typewriter"TOMMY GUN" Full metal gearbox with reinforced steel gears and metal bushings- Laser engraved THOMPSON and PROPERTY OF US ARMY trademarks; fully licensed for ultimate realism- This AEG is 100% compatible with Tokyo Marui parts- Premium simulated wood grain finish. 4.1 out of 5 stars 207 ratings | 91 answered questions List Price: $219.99: Price: $186.49 & FREE Returns Return this item for free. There also really isn't any ware or loss in performance since I've had it but I've only skirmished a few times so it's still pretty new. Feel free to message me w, This is a Cybergun Thompson M1A1 electric airsoft gun. Only problem I have found is with the new gear box semi won't work and the tactical rail is slightly slanted but still shoots accurately when looking down the sights. Works perfectly!

There were maybe 100 bb's in magazine and I shot the gun in full and auto and both worked great. It will improve accuracy and lighter bb can jam a powerful airsoft rifle. U aeg Airsoft KING ARMS METAL MILITARY 1928 Typewriter THOMPSON Drum Mag 516fps, Tokyo Mauri Thompson Airsoft Sub-Machine Gun, Airsoft Thompson Model 1928 (Semi & Full Automatic Chicago Version), Thompson M1A1 Electric Powered Airsoft gun gun, Airsoft Lot - Thompson Machine "Tommy Gun", Pistol, BBs, Accessories, Lot of 6 airsoft guns electric, sniper, Thompson and more, Chicago Thompson Model 1928 Tommy Gun FPS-465 Electric Airsoft Rifle, Soft Air Thompson M1A1 AEG 380 Round Airsoft Magazine, Tokyo Marui Airsoft M1A1 Thompson AEG with accessories, Airsoft Thompson + Battery and Charger + High Cap Mag, Airsoft King Arms Thompson with KJW Gas Blowback WW11 Pistol Combo, Thompson MILITARY M1A1 Replica Electric Airsoft Gun LICENSED CYBERGUN AEG, Cybergun Thompson Model 1928 Airsoft Gun/Rifle, Lisensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle by Kingarms/ Cybergun, Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun (AIRSOFT GUN ONLY) - Used - Missing Parts, Thompson M1 Spring Airsoft Submachine Gun with fully charged magazing, 1928 THOMPSON AEG WITH TWO 450 RND DRUM MAG CYMA TRADEMARKED Airsoft TOMMY GUN. Adjustable hopup accuracy system. PER EBAY RULES- ATTN: This is NOT a Real Firearm. ALL GUNS HAVE SAFETY MECHANISMS.

IN 47106 Thanks from our team here at Kentuckiana Trading llc If you have any questions concerning this auction please call us with any questions. If shipping to a PO box you must pick a USPS shipping option. 1244194 Airsoft I just bought a new charger and charging adaptor for the gun.

It does however mean that this probably isn't what you want out with you on a daylong pursuit!


Powered by an 8.4v battery the Thompson will achieve 650 rounds per minute which is only slightly off f, Cybergun Thompson Tommy Gun Black M1A1 AEG Airsoft Electric Gun Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Comes with one 1000 round high capacity drum magazine Cybergun’s Thompson“Black” M1A1 is the perfect weapon for an afternoon of backyard skirmishes or hours of full auto fun knocking soda cans off of your fence posts. Consisting of authentic airsoft replica weapons.

Latest Combat Uniform Set. This gun has an approximate FPS OF 466. Don't miss out.

I bought a butterfly battery for it which works much better than the one it came with. Airsoft full metal D.M.R. We Recommend Such Brands as; King Arms, Elite Force& Elite Force BIO's and KSC Perfects. * M89A RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B0a7%3E-149f474a33c-0x112-, Thompson Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter Seasoned Patch (Per100) 31007003, Thompson Center Accessories Breech Plug For Impact Triple Lead Thread 31007761, Thompson Center Accessories Triumph Breech Plug 31007729, GrovTec US Thompson Center Contender S&W Model 29 Hammer Extension GTHM79, Thompson Center Accessories 7oz T17 Foaming Bore Cleaner 31007495, Thompson Center Accessories T17 1/2oz Tube Breech Plug Grease 31007491, SD Studios Aliens Pulse Rifle Steel Buttstock Butt Stock, Thompson Center Accessories 1000+ 3oz Tube T17 Natural Lube 31007479, Thompson Center Accessories 8oz Bottle T17 Bore Solvent 31007488, Original WW2 USMC US Army M3 SMG magazine pouch, Used King Arms Thompson M1A1 Metal 420rd Hi-Cap Magazine - Airsoft Accessories, Thompson Center Accessories Weaver Style Base 55019899, Thompson Center Accessories 1000 Plus Bore Butter 5oz Tube Natural Lube 31007309, Tokyo Marui THOMPSON M1A1 Automatic Electric Gun Standard Type Airsoft Toy Gun, Thompson Center Accessories Maxima Base Encore & Omega 1 Piece 55017429, Tokyo Marui No.64 Thompson M1A1 Standard Electric Gun, Pocket Chargers US Thompson M28/M1 replica-WW2 American Canvas Ammo Pouch, Uncle Mikes Ankle Holster Kodra Black Size 12, RH, w/Ret Strap, Clam - 88121, WW2 Replica Thompson Drum Pouch with Strap Replica AG1551, Uncle Mikes Ankle Holster Kodra Black Size 1, RH, w/Ret Strap, Clam - 88211, Uncle Mikes Ankle Holster Kodra Black Size 0, RH, w/Ret Strap, Clam - 88201, Porta caricatori US Thompson M28/M1 replica-WW2 American canvas ammo pouch, POTENCY MOTOR BRUTAL 26K SHORT super torque 26000 gir V3 AK G36 AIRSOFT SOFTAIR, AIRSOFT TECHNOLOGY SELF-PACED TRAINING SERIES: By Airsoftpress, Moteur D'Origine G&g Arbre Long 18000 RPM, Cybergun 50 Rds Thompson M1A1 Gas Airsoft Toy Magazine CG-MAG-0002, HOUSSE DE PROTECTION / TRANSPORT VERT OLIVE 140 CM POUR FUSIL, HOUSSE DE PROTECTION / TRANSPORT VERT OLIVE 120 CM POUR FUSIL, CHARGEUR AEG METAL CAMEMBERT OU DRUM MAGAZINE POUR THOMPSON MODEL 1928 CHICAGO &, HOUSSE DE PROTECTION / TRANSPORT NOIR 100 CM POUR FUSIL, HOUSSE DE PROTECTION / TRANSPORT NOIR 120 CM POUR FUSIL, HOUSSE DE PROTECTION / TRANSPORT VERT OLIVE 100 CM POUR FUSIL, PORTE CLÉS TYPE THOMPSON METAL ARGENT AVEC CHARGEUR CAMEMBERT, Thompson Model M1A1 Machine Gun Airsoft Electric AEG. The replica’s body was made of steel when as the barrel and other minor elements are made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum.

An aluminium diode flashlight powered by CR123A battery. Replica Thompson , incarcator (capacitate 380 bile), un incarcator bonus, acumulator 8.4 V 1100 mAh, incarcator acumulator, curea prindere, tija de curatare si manual de utilizare. The handle to the shell ejection has fallen off(it can still be easily opened) and there are some minor scratches. EBAY DOES PENALIZE SELLERS FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN A 5 STAR RATING. It has no scratches on it and fires accurately. involved in airsoft. If you take apart or alter the item in anyway we may refuse the return.

But I do want to make it perfectly clear that I have not cycled the battery, or put a full load test on it. Two metal magazines and a battery. Shipping We offer calculated shipping to both domestic and international locations. Send the item back within 14 days of delivery and we will send you a replacement.

We can expedite any shipment. Guns shipping to Puerto Rico must ship via USPS mail. * charger  It has been tested with the battery it comes with, but the battery may need to be charged when received. It is an all around good weapon for any battle. Folding stock on the MP40. * replica Return Information If an item is needed to be returned the item must be in the same condition as it was shipped in. Whether intentional or accidental. Cybergun M1A1 Thompson 380 round Long Hicap AEG Magazine-Manufacturer: Cybergun-Capacity: 380 rounds-Material: Metal-Type: Airsoft AEG-Compatibility: All Cybergun and Marui compatible recommend you to use high quality BBs selling all 3 of them separated go to my account to see the other 3. Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun(AIRSOFT GUN ONLY) Used- Missing Parts Please read the full description below. JG070 is replica of most popular SMG's on world - MP5. In stock unmodified condition Includes airsoft gun. If you do not have a Paypal account you can checkout as a guest and pay with any major credit card. I got it less than a year ago for $225. Upgraded CYMA M1A1 Thompson AEG Airsoft SMG. Also included is a reproduction Thompson"Kerr" sling. No cosmetic blemishes, and gun works perfectly. Internal mods, upper receiver rail, mosfet unit installed, and external mods) comes with its original boxing and interior Styrofoam made to protect the gun while shipping.

Unique serial number- Replica cooling rings.

This item will be shipped with the legally required red tip. This weapon has 380 to 420 fps so it is a great gun for woodland or CQB battles.

not ship to P.O boxes or internationally. Picture is of actual gun.

Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen. You may be surprised at the range and accuracy you can achieve with such an beautiful gun.

Will come with over $70 of accessories including: Tenergy smart charger Tokyo mauri 420 rnd. Regular Price $500.00 Sale Price $450.00.

But sometimes there is a problem with a gun.

This weapon does not come in its original packaging and only includes Gun and Magazine. You can also look up Arctic Wolves Airsoft of YouTube to see my own personal review of this weapon. It first came into production in 1921, and was originally just sold to civilians, and had critical success, but low sales due to the high price. Compaired to the standard stick magazine. Folosirea acestora in locuri publice atrage dupa sine sanctionare cu amenda penala, confiscarea replicii si deschidere de dosar penal, conform legii. Full auto/semi auto Full metal/fake wood Thompson M1A1 AEG(400-426 fps) which includes two 50 round magazines, a 1100mAh 8.4v battery, one battery charger, and 400 rounds of.20 gram BBs. Longer pocket have also a sleeve inside that can extend gun case for extra 27 cm. The look and feel are authentic, right …

King Arms Licensed Thompson"Chicago Typewriter Tommy Gun" Airsoft AEG Rifle(Metal Receiver/ Gearbox) This comes with a 500 rnd drum(sometimes doesn't feed) and a 200 rnd stick mag The infamous Thompson Model 1928 aka the"Tommy Gun" or"Chicago Typewriter" was favored by every mobster and gangster in the early 1900s for its firepower and portability. Provided the Buyer pays the upgrade charges.

We Strongly Recommend that You USE- High Quality; Solid Core. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf54%3E-14723bffc9e-0x10b-. Most orders are shipped the same or next business day after they are placed. Please understand questions asked beyond these hours will not be answered until the next business day. For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice.

Caliber 6mm, Velocity 280, Airgun Mechanism AEG, Ammo Type Airsoft BBs, Magazine Capacity 380, Airgun Use Skirmishing, Overall Length 32, Barrel Style Smooth, Fire Mode Automatic, Gun Weight 7, Airsoft Marketplace is a business our hours are Monday- Friday 9:00 to 5:00(Eastern) Please send any correspondence during those hours. The rifle does come with a 8.4v Battery and Charger included.

The gun is being sold for parts or not working so there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges.

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