The accessories are well thought out and are as durable as the mower itself. I really like the engine options, especially the 32 hp Vanguard. --------------------------------------------. The Velocity deck is hard to beat and leaves a smooth finish. I think the Cheetah is a great addition to the Scag family and will handle most everyday mowing but it should be compared to the Wildcat… The 20 percent increase in top speed coupled with the larger deck size results in a substantial improvement in productivity over the Tiger Cat. The mulching system (Hurricane) is pretty good. At 7 bucks each I cannot loose.

But after a year and on some large properties, you'll be thanking yourself for having that 61 speed.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They throw grass further as they get grass out of your deck quicker leading to less buildup under your deck in most conditions.. You must log in or register to reply here.

Scag makes a great vacuum system, with a large capacity (16 bushels). I know they are the top 2 brands but in my experience with my scag and my brother's exmark I have found my scag wildcat is way over built and every part and bolt is very heavy duty when compared to my brother's exmark lazer z. The isolated operator platform really smoothes the ride out. Not sure on a 48 wildcat.... but for my TTII (61") I prefer a standard oregon blade vs all others. The 5400 transmission is doing very well. The open tunnel like design really cuts well without clumping. JavaScript is disabled. Just solved my no crank no start and thought I'd post what I learned to hopefully save someone else the trouble and expense I went through. Zero Turn Lawn Mower Trailer Hitch For Scag Tiger Cat 2&Cheetah(48"52"61" Deck) $25.99 3 Pack Mower Blades Fits Scag 72" Deck 48112 481709 482882 Bad Boy (6026) GoPappy, if you are still getting used to a Stander for the first time, you won't care much about the top speed. Scag really had a good idea leaving the open area in front of the blades while some other company's didn't leave the room for the grass to stand up, great design overall for variety of working conditions (Velocity Plus). There are just to many variables to just look at blade tip speeds. This mower seems very tough like other Scags. The Velocity Plus deck relies on the open area in front of the blades to let the grass stand up while the Ultra Cut relies on lift to stand the grass up. I'm not a speed demon, but I'd say I rarely cut under 10 mph on large properties. (1) larger trailer (old sled trailer converted). We carry replacement Scag Parts, including belts, blades, spindles, filters, wheels, and more. For what it is worth I just happened to think about this.... the oregon blades I bought that are 7 bucks a piece via forest depot for my 61" TT2 are on their second season now and they are no where near being retired. but they are also a fraction of the cost.

I'm new to this forum, so I apologize in advance if I do something wrong with this post. Owners who must clear large tracts of land in a short time frame should also select the Turf Tiger. I use it to cut my 5 acre lot. Just wondering if I were to always use high lifts if I would get a better cut. The larger chute openings also reduces lift on the Velocity Plus but spreads the clipping and reduces clumps. The Scag Cheetah is the newest member of Scag’s “Big Cat” family with a 2-speed transmission and a top speed of over 16 mph. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I use Arnold brand blades on my Turf Tiger. After running hundreds of hours on them and studying them that's my conclusion. Scag really put some thought into this mower.

Scag Parts: Scag commercial mowers are rated at the top of the industry in quality and cutting performance. The Ultra Cut has quite a bit of internal baffles giving it a lot of lift so it recycles the clippings more than a deck with an open design such as the Velocity Plus or 7 Iron II decks. This machine is productive. But I also have three sets I rotate in and out, I also sharpen and balance with a magnamatic so I am unsure if that could contribute to any "life span" increases in my blades. Your email address will not be published. You're right, blade tip speed isn't everything. I really pay very little attention to how long they last since they are so cheap. the Turf Tiger is a completely different animal that … Here's a response I got from Scag after I emailed them with this question (and also asked about blade overlap for the fun of it too): [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Exmark Lazer Z X series. Not sure on a 48 wildcat.... but for my TTII (61") I prefer a standard oregon blade vs all others. So for regular weekly and bi-weekly cutting which blades are best? Running at higher speeds means more jolts and bumps. Obviously these would not fit your mower, but for comparison: Yes you get more vacuum but you also get better dispersion of clippings. The velcoity deck works great for large area's not requiring a manicured look, it does produce a manicured cut, with double cutting, I was total satisfied with SCAG's quality of build:however even with the high blade tip speeds, I was double cutting, unless it equals a manicured look with minimal work, Fast BTS does not equal a manicured cut. The Cheetah with the 12 mph low would take care of that problem. I've heard that high lift blades are the way to go but I don't really know the difference. It has more moving parts than other ZTR’s (isolated operator platform, at 16 or 18 mph, any machine should be checked up on often. The Velocity deck is hard to beat and leaves a smooth finish. It handles long wet grass better than any rival, except maybe the John Deere 7-Iron deck. It is the only model available with a 72” deck and most models have a 12 mile per hour top speed. I've always maintained it carefully and it's been a great mower.

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