Love you gurl! i like her acting since Moon Embracing the SUn.. with Kim Youjung :D shes really a great actress :D :D Fighting!!!! Fiona Apr 26 2018 2:45 am She's a skilled actress with a mature charm. I'm Your Over Fans.. Array(); She just steals my heart. BTS ARMY FOREVER … You are such an unforgettable man in My LIFE TILL My Last Breath… .. But for me, I love her at Let's Fight Ghost the most because she was smiling almost on every episodes, which is great to watch and rewatch over and over. lets fight ghost drama is ace of dramas!! Am an african in Ghana but i really adore you. Such a beautiful girl played such a stupid and heartless girls cast! Sorry for my poor english. The other members in the group call him Blank Tae because of his blank expression. I like this girl a lot, she's so cute and i wish i had a baby sister like her not like the one's i'm living with (one is three years younger than me and super bossy and the other one is one year younger than so-hyun exactly 7 years younger than me and you would like to beat her on the mouth because of her words and she never listens to her elder T.T why do i have those sisters i wish i had so-hyun as my younger sister) would you like to be my younger sister? I'm loving every single drama that you have acted before. Tyu Apr 26 2016 8:49 am with Sun Woong, you two seems sweet too ! i love you so much sohyun-shi!! She kinda looks like Kim So Hye from Produce 101. kavindi from sri lanka Feb 04 2016 5:47 am i really like her :D, funikkissmile Nov 02 2016 3:46 am ur so cute ........ memengland Nov 13 2013 6:34 am His fans call him “TaeTae”, as the short variant of his name. He was the last boy to be selected for BTS band. why?? dihan Apr 10 2016 5:01 am Saranghae ~~. lovvveeee her. He the once who love you this way who you are not as Eun Byeol and Yi an love you as Eun Byeol not Eun Bi remember that.....even though he back to love you please don't...before he love u'r sister now he love you, it's not right....choose tae Gwang okay!!! Love Alarm is so good. Sso Sep 17 2019 1:42 am I feel amazed by your acting on Who are you:school 2015 drama. Im an avid fan of Kim So Hyun And Yeo Jin Goo  !! junglyn Aug 19 2015 1:35 am Why I am don’t friendship with this guy.. So every people in this planet are beautiful/handsome/gorgeous.. Only he/she just need to success and a great heart..❣️And every girl who leave the comments that they are really could be his life partner…stop annoying him like this #didi and create yourself..❣️ Happiest birthday the legend in this bangtan group RM.sir, Actually I read the whole article. I'll support you eventhough i'd been jealous to you. :) Beautiful and radiant goddess beauty there is no flaw in her. :-*, NELLYKYU Apr 29 2013 10:46 am Juu Jul 22 2018 11:41 pm Bonus point! We are at the same age. . One to watch in the future seeing she is only 15 years old but already hold so many main role in drama series. The reason I am mostly her fan is because her roles in portraying victims is realistically accurate and emotional. !i super love you..stay humble and stay strong:)more powers!!!!!!mwuahhhhhhlalala. ? Hopin to see them both in modern drama. Kim So Hyun did an outstanding job in school 2015!She played both roles veryyyy well and i can distinguish the difference between eunbyul and eunbi. I love you, i'am super fan of you. kim so hyun is the best teen actress shes my favorite, looking forward Jun 12 2016 7:36 am sweetdream Apr 03 2015 2:01 am It broke my heart really hard, It broke my dreams, it broke everything, my spirit, all of it. I'm watching The Tale of Nokdu and waiting for Love Alarm 2. Cindy Sep 10 2019 4:29 pm She has it all, the complete package, no wonder haters are jealous off her. you are the best!! God Bless yoou always and SMILE :). Sarangheyo both <3, heary Aug 09 2018 10:41 pm I love watching her drama! Ashley Chem Jun 05 2015 11:23 pm here i am binge watching dramas and lazily lay on bed xD, Once More For Belle Epoque Oct 22 2016 11:43 am, Once More For Belle Epoque Oct 22 2016 11:41 am i mean like Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim So Hyun = NamHyun couple, Rifa shania Jun 19 2015 5:27 pm Just finish watching "we all cry differently" And I love her character in that .. Also "ma boy" It's funny ... And "page Turner" It's cool and "nightmare high"it's interesting and " Hello ghost" It's lovely and " Who are you" It's great and "ruler master of the mask" Great cast but it's a liiittttttlee bit annoying but it's ok and "radio romance" Not really into it it's not as I expected or don't know why till the end I don't really into but it's fine... And "love alarm" What will it be all about romance is a bit boring though I didn't watch it yet. Diina Mar 20 2018 4:35 pm wow, silviteresa Nov 27 2012 6:50 am Therefore, Jimin was the last one. Will producers ever hear my wish? Even so, I admire her greatly. Park Eun Hwa Dec 05 2015 7:17 am kim so hyun, Nana Sep 04 2016 8:20 am I’m not a old fan of yours but after knowing u guys my life was changed. Im begging for your love <3 Saranghaeyo eonnie ~, Suria Milford Jul 21 2015 5:44 am The tears were flowing. I'm a Filipino.. grabe! sneha Oct 20 2015 8:57 am Nj May 01 2017 1:52 pm I hope this one ends up with sungjae on who are you <3 He’s an artist nd I m his supporter. I mean watch her acting in 'Who Are You: School 2015' and you'll be shocked because she is only 17! wow you so beautiful !!!! I feel so ugly and like crap when I look at her! Be the best you can be . she is so pretty watching who are you school 2015 fighting. We always love you….. you are 3 months older than me : > i want to see you in more dramas! @zompano: disgusting?? The movie "Unforgettable" was just amazing and soooo sad. Ha ha Jun 30 2015 11:00 am Get. harvey Apr 24 2013 9:46 am Unnie, please be with Sung Jae and Min Jae on a drama.. KSH Mar 18 2017 9:30 pm !~, neoreul May 31 2016 10:53 am thank you very much kim so hyun, your my only idol. She's so cute in the lets fight ghost . Seeing you growing through so many dramas and movies, is such a wonderful thing to watch. Couldn't say it better myself. I hope you will always stay healthy, beautiful, graceful and strong forever! Eun Na Jan 01 2017 4:33 pm

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