Fixed a script error when looking at the Archwing category in the Market.Â.

Fixed Companions trying to attack enemies that are in Inaros’ Devour trap, which we don’t want cause we wish to snack on said enemy.

Fixed a script error that could occur on Gas City missions when joining a mission in progress .

Fixed script errors if Kill Code is received while quitting Murex Raid mission to return to Flotilla. Loot crates can also undergo the Tesla effect, but can only be charged once. Fixed a script error if a Client's Warframe died after applying the last Void Strike bonus damage. Casting Discharge when targets are in a close proximity to one another and/or to yourself will ensure that enemies take more damage during the Effect Duration. Fixed a script error with Baruuk's Lull ability when used with Railjack Ability Kinesis. Fixed Penta/Secura Penta grenades becoming stuck when Napalm Grenades is equipped, thus rendering the Penta unusable.

The leading Warframe trading platform for tenno, where you can buy and sell vaulted & unvaulted items along with Waframe sets, Parts, Weapons, Mods, Relics, Blueprints, Captura scenes, Rivens and …

Fixed being punted back to the Relay when attempting to load into the Simulacrum. Another fix towards getting stuck on a black screen when using the Archwing Slingshot into an exploding Crewship and then trying to leave. Fixed a red frame appearing around the themed Stats box briefly in some places (ex: Market). Transistor Shield is a Warframe Augment Mod for Volt's Electric Shield that allows allies to pick up and move Electric Shields, with no energy cost for moving them.

Grineer Forest tileset ferns will now dither when the camera is close to them to help visibility when shooting. Static Discharge can combine with single elements or elemental mods on projectile weapons.

Shock Trooper is a Warframe Augment Mod for Volt that allows Shock to be held on cast, creating a wave of energy traveling outward from the user that temporarily grants the caster and nearby allies additional Electricity damage to all attacks. Fixed a harmless script error that would occur if you aborted a mission at the exact moment your Dethcube's Vaporize Precept fired.

When the Current Shield is equipped Volt will be limited to the use of only his secondary and melee weapons and will have his speed and mobility reduced. In addition, try to limit your trades to one post, clarifying within. Fixed Grendel being able to Feast on Vauban’s deployed traps; a snack that contains no nutritional daily value.

if a Defector evacuated during the countdown to extraction the script would break and not be able to force the mission to fail. Fixed "on hit" Arcanes triggering when using Railjack weapons. Fixed a script error slower PCs might encounter loading in the Kuva Fortress that would prevent the assembly hall tileset from being populated properly. I was just wondering what a realistic price is to set for Volt Prime once he becomes vaulted again? Hydroid Prime Prices Selling 2.8K 243.59% Buying 511 185.47% Platform. Fixed a script error that could occur with various Sentient and Corpus types. Another fix towards "Tactical Efficiency" (Tactical Rank 6) not modifying the Flux Energy cost of using some Battle Avionics. Questions (PS4) Hi guys, first post here. This bonus will be applied only to the first enemy/object Discharge's propagation hits, meaning any other targets hit by Discharge will follow the normal damage calculation without Static Discharge's effects.

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