He’s someone who will have all his popcorn (medium size at least) eaten by the time the opening credits of the actual movie start! All Rights Reserved. Maybe in January, we can all share our favorites! I decided I’d practice wearing jeans that had flowers on the thigh within the confines of my home. As the night goes darker, the dares escalate. The name practically says it all. Have I just crossed the line and entered the extrovert arena? Whether it’s the high school homecoming floats and cheerleaders or the haunting feeling fans getting with the vampires, the CW show has all the makings for an autumn viewing party. The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice is everywhere and autumn movies are on our must-watch list. Believe it or not, since moving here from NYC ten plus years ago, I have not seen a movie in a theatre. Set in Virginia, the football film is based on actual events from 1971 when segregation was in full swing in the south and coming together on the field helped transform the conversation around race throughout the U.S. Plus, it features a very young Ryan Gosling and Kate Bosworth, both of which are worth tuning in for. Does this mean all boot cut pants will go off trend soon? The embroidered jeans fir you so well! I feel like I have sticks for legs sometimes and I’d like to make myself look a little curvier. Hoping you have fun days ahead. There are a couple of them on there that I’m not familiar with! Thank you! She said, “I am looking forward to 2018 and new hopeful joyous energy. Ferrera also played the lead in the TV series spoof about a major Manhattan fashion magazine titled, “Ugly Betty.” I loved the Australian TV series, “Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries” (on Netflix). I hope all the lovely , community out there, have a safe and joyous Christmas and wonderful 2018. Enjoy your movie. I got this at SAX Consignment in Sonoma. Thanks so much and hey, thanks for commenting for the first time! I need to get out our copy of Love Actually. Chuckled at your popcorn ritual…I was saying just eat the damn popcorn. The Ref. Mini-goddess earrings from Ajna Designs Jewelry. Your energy, vitality and inner beauty and spunkiness is captured in every picture. This coming from someone who would go two times a week! The embroidered jeans are lovely! “Real Women Have Curves” (2002) stars America Ferrera and Lupe Ontiveros as a daughter and mother who work as seamstresses. I look at my extroverts and there’s nothing they won’t try, but you’re right! Getting cosier with this buffalo plaid cashmere scarf. Movies two times a week sounds like heaven! I think I stand taller in this outfit than in many others. Spending the holidays with my kids and grandkids. As for my favorite classics (for binge watching at home), I love All About Eve, How to Marry a Millionaire, Philadelphia Story, Mildred Pierce, Woman of the Year and One Foot in Heaven…to name a few! As a ‘financially challenged, no fashion sense at all, HATE to shop, 60 something’, you come as a blessing with the images posted of outfits. Give him a hug from me. The three girls are bonded over their work at a small-town pizza joint and begins at the end of summer as their lives are just about to change. We have quite a home collection that we watch prior to Christmas when the few tv sitcoms we watch are re-running.

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