This means they lived past lives in other star systems or constellations. Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 26, 2020: It's very pretty, Warley, I can see why you love it. Thank you. And a rake claw which appeared on my right hand just yesterday. In truth, most were people who lived on the edge of society - easy targets. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners. portrait of a girl with freckles on her face, stylish girl sits in an arm,, Indoor shot of impressed attractive redhead male model with freckles and tattooed arm folding lips and saying wow from amazement, pointing right with index finger over gray background,, awesome girl with a cyber arm leaning on the table and looking at the camera, leisure,,, First coffee than talk. Cemu Wii Games, It's nothing to do with witchcraft. I prefer to call it the cattle line, because during MEPS every part of your physical well-being is tested, so it’s a long day of being poked, prodded, squeezed, and duck walking. Apotropaic marking on a farmhouse from Niemelä Tenant Farm. However, if it is interfering with the use of your hand or causing irritation, do get it checked out. Answer: As I don't believe there are such things as witch marks - as you can tell from the article, I highly doubt that they are anything other than a genetic anomaly. Often, freckles’ rarity has spurred superstitious stories so folks can make sense of them. Wendell Berry Stay Home, Thin freckled redheaded woman flexes her bicep muscles while wearing a sports bra. Nearly every person on the planet will be born with them or develop them over the years. Sea Ray 195 Sport For Sale, How Tall Do Peas Grow, Bubble Guppies Songs, Question: I have recently got a scar like crescent moon on my forehead where we put tikka or bindi. Question: I have an extra nipple under my right breast and a tiny blue tattoo-like dot on my left hand above my middle finger knuckle. Question: I have several birthmarks and a big mole under my arm. What exactly is the witches mark? Frequently the marks, also called "apotropaic marking" and "hexfoils" were a series of interlocking circles, daisy patterns contained within circles, pentagrams, or sometimes the intertwined letters V and M to solicit protection from the Virgin Mary. You can choose to be a witch and that requires study and the practice of witchcraft. ( Log Out /  And empathy curved lines just under the index finger indicate empathic abilities. They are nothing to do with witchcraft. Recommendation on next step. Your marks are birthmarks, nothing more. No one else in my family has anything like this. Answer: No, it's just a mark. Freckles have long been misunderstood and considered strange to people who haven’t had a lot of contact with them., female with a preosthetic limb sitting on the chair in the bedroom, close up photo, copy space,, Blonde woman with long hair smiles while her hair flies,, young beautiful woman in jeans clothes in business space of shopping center. How To Siphon Water Out Of A Pool With A Garden Hose, We admit not every mole or freckle has a supernatural meaning, but if you find a strangely-shaped or large birthmark that resembles something sacred – you might have the witches’ mark! There are photos circulating online that show the witches mark as a very specific mole on the right lower arm. 15 septembre 2020 . Doctors said they didn't know why I got it but it wasn't any concern. (NOT a Reading). They are traced with a finger onto the initiate’s forehead and/or other points of the body by the High Priest or Priestess. The blue dot is probably where a blood vessel comes close to the surface of the skin. Still considered a less than desirable marking, freckles could be erased by washing with springtime’s first dew—or so the story goes. Do you think it could be a witch's mark? I looked down and they were gone. Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. People do practice it - it's not a myth or a rumor. Is it a witches mark? Most people have a skin blemish or mark of one kind or another. It's extremely common, even in animals.

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